Thursday, 28 July 2016

Spray Painting Booth Manufacturers

Spray Painting Booth are popular in industries because of their low power consumption and high efficiency.The booths are made in panel construction thus easy to assemble to maintain. This equipment is environmental friendly as the painting area and outside is the free from volatile vapours and pigments. Q-tech can design special booths depend on the requirement and application.Q-tech has got a wide range of Spray Painting Booths such as table top, with pump, without pump, dry type, down draft and non-standard application. SPECIFICATIONS:1.6mm thick MS / SS / GI Aluminium construction We can provide the tube-light fitting on request. The pump and motors are of reputed make Quick Enquiry

Dust Collector Manufacturers

AMR Qtech duct collecters extracts the dusty air from the dusty generating point through duct connected to the bag house. The bags are usually made of cotton,wool, synthetic, or glass fibers,andther may be hundereds bags within one structure. This kind of fibric filtration is a well-known and practiced method for separating dry particles from a stream of gases/dust. The dusty gas flows into and through the fabric, leaving the dust on the inside of the bag, while the cleaned gas/dust exits through the bag to the other side and then out the baghouse.Quick Enquiry

air handling unit manufacturers


  • Double Skin.


  • 2000 CFM to 1,25,000 CFM. With single/Double blower.


  • 30 to 150 mmWG.


  • AMR Make or any other make as per choice.
  • Backward / forward curved with single or double with FRP lining if required.

      Cooling Media